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The key to a greener planet is in your hands.

The fashion and makeup industries are now the second most polluting industry in the world. We must collectively take action to ensure that we minimise this impact by taking the steps mentioned below.

Understanding the
Environmental Impact.

The production of clothes & makeup has a huge impact 
on our planet. Although there are hundreds of repercussions of the Fashion & Makeup Industries, below are the 4 core issues:  
Carbon Emmission

12% of all CO2 Emissions are due to these two industries alone (5X More than the Aviation Industry)

Chemical Usage

25% of all toxic chemicals are used in producing our products. These chemicals are flowing into our oceans and killing marine life

Excessive Wastage

We are buying 400% more clothes and makeup than we were two decades ago, of which 85%  end up in landfills

Water Pollution

Excessive water consumption leads to 20% of Industrial Water Pollution Globally

Fast Fashion & Makeup.
The underlying issue

The fashion & beauty industries have not always been as environmentally disastrous as they are today. This change can clearly be blamed on the renaissance of Fast Fashion & Makeup, which is structured around selling cheap products and inducing customers by constantly creating new trends. 

Psychological Manipulation

Most Fast Fashion & Beauty brands sell items for much cheaper than their competitors to make their customers purchase a larger quantity of cheaply produced products.

Unethical Labor


In order to create ultra cheap products , Fast Fashion companies outsource their production to foreign sweatshops where the laborers are subject to health and safety hazards, less than minimum wages, overtime working, and also underage employment.

Use Of Hazardous Materials

The materials used in most of the Fast Fashion & Beauty production are rayon and nylon, known to be linked to nervous system damage, as they contain carcinogens and are toxic to various animals.

Made To

Fall Apart

Most of the cheap clothes and makeup  that are purchased do not last more than a few wears due to their low quality. This leads to a large amount of clothing to be discarded, thus leading to a massive amount of pollution.

Inclined to make a difference?

Most of us want to put an end to the environmental destruction caused by this industry but are not sure what we can do at a personal level. Below is a list of actionable steps that you can implement today.

Avoid Certain Materials







Some materials are more harmful than others. Avoiding certain toxic materials can really go a long way.  Inquire before you purchase!

Quality Over Price

Don't be tempted to buy cheap clothes. They will fall apart after a few wears and are probably made of unsustainable materials. 

Shop Second Hand

Thrift-shopping is great for the environment. Clothes get a new life, keeping them from filling landfills. Additionally, you save lots of money.

Discard Responsibly

Don't just throw your clothes in the trash even if they are promised to be recycled. Give your clothes to the right organizations.

Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about this global crisis we are facing and educate them about the above steps.

Shop Consciously

Before purchasing something new, open Wardo to see whether you already own a similar item. 

Together, we can make a more profound in stopping the negative impacts of the fashion & beauty industries. Have an idea about how we could work together?
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