Color Psychology

The color of the outfit you wear, has the potential to either enhance or spoil the look of the outfit that you wear, no matter how unique and elegant the design of the outfit might be.The right color, not only enhances the appeal of the outfit that you wear but also gives clues about your personality and character. Color psychology by definition is the response or perception of colors as a determinant of human behavior. It is also increasingly being used by brands in advertisements as a means to solicit response from the target audience.

Given Below are some of the most common colors and the psychology associated with each - :

1. Black

The black color exuberates class , elegance and power. It is generally associated with confidence and intelligence. What makes this so interesting is its mysterious appeal. This color also implies a sense of efficiency and competence, which makes it the ideal color to wear to a job interview.

2. Gray

Gray is pretty much a neutral color, in the sense that it fall between the extremes of black and white. It is balanced and cool and associated with quite opposite meanings, dull and dirty as well as sophisticated, formal and conservative. Overall it is timeless and elegant. For men, a gray suit looks best when paired with a pink or white shirt.

3. Brown

The color brown is a natural color known to incite feelings of strength and reliability, rock solid much like the earth. This color is generally associated with resilience, dependability, reliability and stability. It sometimes gets a bad reputation for being drab and old-fashioned but is actually not.

4. Violet

Violet is considered a spiritual color and associated with meditation and contemplation. It also signifies great wealth and power and is also associated royalty. It combines the energy of red and the stability of blue.The color also symbolizes wisdom, independence, dignity and creativity.

5. Green

Green is a cheerful color and is generally associated with renewal and growth. It is also most abundant in the natural environment. The color symbolizes harmony and balance, which may be because there no adjustments in the eye required to process the color.

6. Yellow

Being the brightest color in the visible spectrum, it is one of the most noticeable colors and generally signifies happiness, creativity, enthusiasm and hope. It is the color of the sun shining or bright light, which is associated with creativity. Yellow is known to cause the release of serotonin in the body, which is known to be the cause of laughter and optimism.A person wearing this color is usually perceived to be filled with creativity and cheer.

7. Blue

The favorite of majority. Different shades of blue signify something different. While light blue is mostly linked with creativity, sky blue has been known to provide peace and serenity. Dark blue, though, is associated with lack of emotion and intelligence. Blue color is generally considered a reliever of stress as it causes the body to release calming chemicals.

8. Red

Red is most often associated with power and prosperity and has been known to grasp attention and increase the pulse rate. But in spite of all these, red is also seen as a sign of aggression and arrogance, so it won’t be the best option to wear a red outfit to the office.

9. White

White is is the purest color and the absorption of all the color. It represents purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. It is also signifies cleanliness and is also sometimes associated with fresh beginnings or wiping the slate clean. A white outfit generally give a feeling that the person’s heart is pure.

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