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What does it mean to be vetted?

Wardo approved means means you're connected with a stylist who is a world-class talent, has top skills and believes in the possibility of you. The criteria for selection is incredibly specific and not all stylist and makeup artist applicants meet our strict requirements.

The stringent process allows us to say without question:

There is no better community of stylists & makeup artists than you will find on Wardo.

Our expert tier list for everyone

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You're familiar with our Elite stylists because of their incredibly visible work. You've seen their styling on instagram, in magazines ,on television and on your favorite blogs. These stylists have made names for themselves.

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These are the workhorses — the stylists who toil tirelessly to make us all look good. Less interested in the limelight than making you look your best for a wedding, high school reunion, new job or even a hot date, these stylists provide solid results worldwide.

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Celebrity Stylist

These top stylists may be celebrity names in their own right. And if you're not, their clients surely are. Think A-listers who frequent red carpet premieres and awards shows, now available to lead you to your best looks.

All our experts are.

1. Hand selected

All experts must submit an application for review. They are evaluated on the impact, quality of their work &  their interactions with customers to gauge service commitment.

2. Screened

Each expert on Wardo is thoroughly screened. This involves the evaluation of portfolios, soliciting personal recommendations, a screening exam  by our stylist evaluation team.

3. Approved

We ensure only the top experts are listed and regularly resolve any issues through communication, coaching and follow-up as needed, but if they are not resolved, experts are removed

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