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Your Wardrobe

Simplify Your Wardrobe

View Your Wardrobe From Anywhere

With Wardo, you will have access to your

wardrobe at all times. This can be especially 

useful when shopping to avoid buying similar to ones

you own.

Clothing Categories. Chose from our wide range of categories to store all your clothes, accessories, and footwear on Wardo.

Background Removal.  With our unique technology, you can remove the background of images with a single tap and give your wardrobe a magazine style look.


Learn how to narrow down your items and add them to Wardo

Stay Organized

Track Outfits. Using the calendar, you can also see what you wore on previous days so you can ensure you don't wear the same outfit too often.

Plan, Store, And Share Your Looks

You can create outfits using the items you

added to the app. These looks can be used

for planning, storing in your LookBooks, and

sharing on your profile.

Plan Outfits. Use the calendar to save outfits in advance to get more organized. It's never fun to be late because you couldn't figure out what to wear.

LookBooks. Categorize your outfits in LookBooks so you can get dressed faster. You can also share these LookBooks on your profile for your friends/followers to see.

Get Social

Interact With

Friends, Brands, and Fashionistas

Discover the profiles of brands & fashionistas

to get inspired for your next outfit. View your 

friend's profiles to see what they've been 

wearing and borrow an item you like.

Fashion Inspiration

Check out handpicked profiles of brands and fashionistas we think will inspire your style.

Borrow & Lend Clothes

View your friends' wardrobes and make requests to borrow items. They can easily alert you through the app if they want their item back. 

Store Others' Looks

If you come across someone's look you really like, you can save it and view it later.

Wardrobe Insights

See what your favorite fashion influencers or celebrities have in their wardrobes.

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