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Your virtual Wardrobe & Makeup organiser.

Unlimited possibilities with your free digital collection. Start using for free today.

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Stay Organised 

Plan, store, and
share your looks

You can create outfits using the items you add to the app. These looks can be stored in lookbooks and shared with your stylist

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Plan Outfits

Use the lookbooks to save outfits in advance and get more organised. It's never fun to be late because you couldn't figure out what to wear.

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Save your outfits 
in Lookbooks

Categorise your outfits so you can get dressed faster. You can also add names to your outfit.


Track Outfits

Using the lookbooks, you can also see what you wore on previous days so you can ensure you don't wear the same outfit too often.

Stay Organised 

View your wardrobe anytime, anywhere

View the clothing & accessories you own anytime. This can be especially useful when shopping to avoid buying similar items.

Keep track of what you own

Store all your clothes, accessories, footwear & jewellery in our wide collection of clothing categories


Instant background removal 

Using our cutting edge technology, you can remove the background of images with a single tap for a magazine style look

Shop Smart

Create, manage & share shopping lists

Create shopping lists by adding links from across the web. These lists can help you stay more organized and be shared with your stylist


Shop smarter

Keep track of clothing and makeup items you're thinking of purchasing. Your stylist or makeup artist can also recommend items through this list.


Easily add links

Simply copy & paste links from your favourite fashion and beauty brands into the app to display the item details.

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We're just getting started.
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