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About Us.

Born in 2016 in Gurugram India, GetStyled is on a mission is to democratize access to personal stylists and makeup artists and support local service providers while also working towards building a 100% circular fashion & beauty future.

Our Values.

These are the principles that our team lives by.


Work with respect

Respecting people and the planet in all dealings


Radical Openness

Share information openly, broadly, and deliberately


Be Bold

Thinking big, taking risks and embracing failure


Move Fast

Value progress over process, agility matters


Deliver WOW

Going beyond what is expected, always

Our Team.


Arjan Sahni

Founder & CEO

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Puru Tyagi

Styling Operations Manager

Our Backers.

We're supported by some of the top investors and mentors in the world.

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Get started. Start styling today.

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